Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hedonistic Priests and the Case For "Normal"

So Benedict says that the pedophilic behaviour of his priests must be seen in a broader social context where the world now views child pornography as "normal" and where drug use and sexual tourism are on the rise. Okay, so tell me pope, how many of your paedophile priests took hedonist cruises or were regular drug users prior to their sins? And can you go find me a non-paedophile who views child pornography as "normal"?  The only remotely "normal" thing about the behaviour of these priests is that their behaviour is likely somewhat "normal" for someone who has been indoctrinated into the sexually repressive regime of the priesthood. You are a criminal Ratzinger. You are no better than the "dirty old man" on the local news. If you weren't the world's most prolific shepherd with an elephantine herd of dazed and confused disciples, you would actually be held accountable for your disgusting behaviour. There are very few times where I hope I am wrong about the non-existent afterlife. This is one of them because I know where you would land you pig.

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