Monday, October 24, 2011

On Effort and Laziness

The challenge for Atheism lies in the fact that for a  believer to enlighten themselves to the truth and logic of non-belief requires them to educate themselves on some pretty lofty scientific truths. It requires, at the very least, quasi-academic study and thinking because atheists don't just throw their trust into whatever makes them feel good. On the other hand those who have been indoctrinated into faith or are in the process of establishing their path, being wooed by religion,  need not worry about such scrutiny. For to be a "good believer" requires only unabashed trust in what you are told. Quite easy and may I say, lazy.

So we are left asking people to take the route that requires effort while religion requests that you let them do the thinking for you.

Sometimes human nature sucks. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This is worth a post

In the last twenty four hours I have had one person tell me he appreciates the words I spread; one man tell me he has decided to turn his back on religion; and one man tell me he is frustrated with belief and wants to talk about "other options."

I think I have mentioned, snow balls require snow flakes. It's a good day!