About Your Bartender

Welcome to Atheia, my Atheist pub. Pull up a stool, pour yourself a drink (I'd do it for you if I could), and engage in some edification - that's what the comments tabs are for.

Who am I?
People call me Drew. I live in Ottawa and am an atheist with a penchant for questioning things that just don't make sense and speaking my mind. Not very unique for an Atheist I guess.  I was brought up on the east coast of Canada and was baptised in the United Church. From the time I can remember I've always had a hard time believing in a god and all of the malarkey in the bible. My Sunday School teacher likely prayed every Saturday night for my absence. Unfortunately for her, there is no god and  I generally led the class in attendance each year.

Why the Atheist Pub?
There will always be believers and they are more than welcome to stop by the pub and contribute in any way they wish - but I don't expect to enlighten them. No, this site is an attempt to contribute to the movement aimed at the skeptical believer and "closeted" Atheist. I believe a majority of society either aren't being honest with themselves or are being honest but just don't know how to take the final leap of logic. If the Atheist Pub can make the slightest contribution to  changing this trend I'll be a happy bartender.

Remember.....ENGAGE! Snowballs require snowflakes.